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Our Unique Approach

Our team of licensed insurance advisors pride themselves on having hearts of teachers. Our goal is to educate and guide our members or prospective members with their decisions to protect their family, their finances and their future.

Informed Decisions

Matching your current coverage is NOT always the best approach. Our licensed insurance advisors will take the time to ensure you are making an informed decision about the protection that is best for you and your family.

In the process of helping you get the most competitive value out of your insurance dollar, we will make sure you are with an insurance company that is a good fit for you and your family, while also making sure you are not removing coverage you may regret not having in the future.

Honest Truth

Our licensed insurance advisors are usually able to improve prospective members’ situations, however, when we can’t, we tell people the honest truth.

This means we may inform you that your best option is to remain with your current insurance provider. We are aware this is unique in our industry, but our ultimate goal is to provide you with Peace of Mind about your insurance protection. Even if that means your best option is not with us.

Competitive Value

We understand price is important. Our agency prides itself in continually making sure we are working with the insurance companies providing the most competitive value in the industry.

Our agency has ongoing processes and procedures in place that allow our members to be confident they are getting the most out of their insurance dollar, year after year.

We Understand

The bottom line is we understand how frustrating it is to be confused or unsure about the coverage you have or do not have.

Our Agency is proud to have helped over 2,000 Texas families transition from being uncertain about their coverage and rates to being confident about their insurance protection.

As the insurance industry evolves and as our members lives and families change over time, our team of advisors primary objective is to continue to provide Peace of Mind through the years.

We would encourage you not to be content with uncertainty. Request a free consultation today and one of our licensed advisors will be eager to review your current coverage and rates and provide you with competitive options.

The truth is whether we are able to earn the privilege of servicing your insurance protection going forward or not, you will benefit from the confidence and peace of mind provided by our three-step process.

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